Chetan Kapoor

Chetan Kapoor

Business Leader, Innovation & Development

Yaskawa America, Inc.

Dr. Kapoor has a history of innovation starting with his work at the University of Texas at Austin where he led robotics research projects for DARPA, NASA, etc. In 2009, Chetan founded Agile Planet, the first company to commercially develop a robot independent control and software platform that delivered ease of use to industrial robots. Agile Planet was acquired by Yaskawa in June 2013. At Yaskawa, leads business and product development related to the new market initiatives, especially engaging with technology and product partners that add value to Yaskawa products, aligning sales and marketing strategies between our technology partners and Yaskawa sales channels.

Specifically, he is responsible for:

  1. Collaborative robots that allow productive co-working between humans and robots.
  2. Improving Ease of Use and Productivity of industrial automation assets through data sharing, machine learning, and perception.
  3. R&D in AI and machine learning technologies for Yaskawa robot control platform.

Chetan has over 40 publications and patents, has received various awards, and has been featured by NY Times and SXSW.