Jorge Luis Nicho

Research Engineer

Southwest Research Institute

Mr. Nicho graduated with a Master degree in Mechanical engineering from the University of Texas at San Antonio in December of 2010 and in January 2011 he joined Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) as an engineer for the Manufacturing and Robotics Technologies Department. Since then, he has participated in the development of several robotic systems that integrate a multitude of technologies such as perception, recognition and motion planning in order to solve challenging industrial tasks.

One of Mr. Nicho’s strengths is in the area of intelligent robot motion planning. Robot Motion Planning is the process of producing well-behaved motions that allow a robot to achieve a desired goal. In this area, Mr. Nicho’s helped develop open-source motion planners such as STOMP (Stochastic Trajectory Optimization Motion Planner) for free-space planning tasks and Descartes for planning highly dense process paths.

Mr. Nicho has participated in the development of several intelligent robotic systems that are built with the open source ROS (Robotic Operating System) framework. As a result, he’s become very proficient in using ROS’s many capabilities such as intraprocess communication, sensor fusion, perception, motion planning, mobile robot navigation and physics simulation. Also, his continued involvement in this open-source project has earned him a spot as a maintainer of the motion planning project known as MoveIt.

Mr. Nicho is constantly involved in various activities that are part of SwRI’s ROS-Industrial (ROS-I) software initiative. Such activities include providing ROS training and maintaining open-source repositories for the various projects that live under the ROS-I umbrella. ROS-I is an open-source project that brings ROS’s core capabilities into the realm of industrial robotics.