Kurt Haeusler

Kurt Haeusler

International Business Director


Kurt has gained extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of robotics, automation, industrial metrology, sensors and machine vision since 1996 right after graduating from the University of Linz (Mechatronics). He coordinated multi-national R&D projects dealing with automated robot motion planning and programming for complex manufacturing processes based on 3D sensor data input. His ambition is to increase machine intelligence and automate processes beyond the state-of-the-art. With his in-depth systems engineering knowledge, he knows how to integrate sensor hardware and software algorithms to push the limits further.

Kurt had been involved long-term with ATENSOR in Steyr, Austria (a company of the MICRO-EPSILON group) since its foundation in 2003, managing the company for several years focussing on the development and sales of sensor-based robotics for industrial processes like automated painting, cleaning, blasting, sanding or polishing. ATENSOR and MICRO-EPSILON have been working on automated paint defect detection on reflective surfaces like painted car bodies for over a decade. Their reflectCONTROL system is being used today by premium automotive companies to ensure perfect paint quality and cut costs on manual inspection and repair.

He is now with Photoneo (a Slovakia-based 3D sensor and software manufacturer), acting as International Business Director and using his experience in the field to discover new applications and expand Photoneo‘s business in German speaking regions and North America.